8 arrested for ID theft in Maricopa County sweep

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his Criminal Employment Squad conducted their 59th employer sanction/identity theft raid by serving a search warrant at a west valley construction business yesterday morning.

Deputies received information months ago that employers from Circle B Grading & Hauling Inc., headquartered in the 18000 block north of 74th Drive in Glendale, and their construction yard in the 14000 west block of Butler in Wadell, were hiring undocumented workers using false identification. Sheriff’s deputies this morning arrested nine suspects during the course of the operation, eight of those for identity theft.

Arpaio says, “In many cases illegal aliens are stealing the identities of U.S. citizens to gain employment which contributes to our unemployment problems. Given the state of our local and national economy, this should not be tolerated.”

Sheriff Arpaio is also raising awareness to the possibility of voter fraud that can be linked with identity theft. “ID theft is a growing concern in a number of US states as people fear that illegal immigrants may use these false identities to register to vote in elections where they legally have no voice,” said Sheriff Arpaio. “To determine if there is a problem here, we are going to continue to turn over the names of everyone involved in these cases to the Elections Department to verify that this is not happening.”

The total number of arrests for all 59 employer sanctions operations now stands at 614, including today’s arrests. In the previous 58 operations, 100% of all suspects found to be committing identity theft to gain employment were undocumented workers.

The combined total of undocumented entrants identified by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office stands at 51,000 resulting from investigations in the jail system by detention officers and arrests made on the streets by Sheriff’s deputies.

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