Senate candidate Cardon Photoshops latest attack ad

U.S. Senate candidate Will Cardon’s campaign is now Photo Shopping Youtube screenshots to attack Jeff Flake. Cardon was condemned by the Arizona Republic for misrepresenting their material in a previous attack.

In the most recent attack ad, Cardon’s campaign shows a picture of Flake and President Obama together on the issue of immigration in person. However, the President was Photo Shopped into a picture of a Republican Study Committee press conference. Cardon had to Photoshop out a conservative Member of Congress in order to get the misleading shot.

The Arizona Republic exposed the Cardon campaign tactics in a Fact Check article:

“Cardon’s first “Flake Air” video relied on a total of three photos taken during that personal adventure in order to give viewers a false impression that Flake was participating in recreational beach activities while he was supposed to be on official business. The Flake island photos appeared on the Washington Post’s website.

Cardon’s second “Flake Air” video contains a flagrant abuse of The Republic’s masthead. It attributes to The Republic this quote: “Does Flake travel internationally at taxpayer expense? Of course, he does.” That quote never appeared in The Arizona Republic. It’s from an independent blog post by political consultant Nathan Sproul that was hosted on, the newspaper’s website. It also was taken out of context. Sproul actually was defending Flake’s congressional travel, but a casual viewer of the video would take it as the newspaper siding with Cardon’s argument.”

Here is a link to the original photo, sans President Obama – and attached is a screenshot of the doctored photo in the Cardon ad.

“Employing fake, misleading and dishonest photos in his attacks against Jeff Flake is standard operation procedure for Wil Cardon,” said Flake’s Communications Director Andrew Wilder in a released statement.

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