Bloomberg versus the Second Amendment

GUN-CONTROL-400Amendment II: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

By now we have all seen the “Senator Flake Broke His Promise” ads on television and they are popping up on the internet in many places including the Tucson Citizen and I’ve even seen them popping up in stories on the very conservative TownHall website. The ads are about Congress passing strict background checks on gun sales.

These ads are sponsored by “Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund” a group formed in April, 2006, by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. He is the major financier of the group. Bloomberg has, of course, a perfect right to promote his opinion, but his tactics seem tawdry in his attempt to coerce Senators who voted against stricter gun laws into changing their minds.

Reporter Cheryl K. Chumley of the Washington Times opines: “New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is to the Second Amendment what billionaire investor George Soros is to the free market: A resounding death knell.”

This Bloomberg group is setting up “coordinators” in each state in which a Senator has opposed stricter gun controls in an attempt to intimidate them into changing their vote.

Mr. Bloomberg is bi-partisan in his zealotry. According to an editorial in the Washington Times: “Be careful what you wish for, the saying goes, because you might get it. Until recently, gun-fearing Senate Democrats were positively giddy about getting access to the deep pockets of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund…[But] Aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid huddled recently with Mr. Bloomberg to dissuade him from broadcasting attack ads against two of the most endangered 2014 Democratic incumbents, Mark L. Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Begich of Alaska.”

Just what is an “illegal gun?” That is a subject of an Examiner article which suggests “The purported idea was to get so-called ‘illegal guns’ off the streets; a lofty goal for sure, but might it not be a better idea to get criminals off the streets instead?”

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