Pima County to move Raytheon area road

The Pima County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a contract to begin the design for a new road realignment near Raytheon Missile Systems. Supervisors approved a $1.7 million planning and design contract to start the process of realigning Hughes Access Road.

Supervisor Ally Miller opposed the move, telling constituents that Pima County has much more travelled roads in fair to poor condition and monies should have been spent elsewhere. Ultimately, the $8 million project will relocate Hughes Access Road from Nogales Highway to Alvernon Way.

The County released a statement saying that the relocation of a “roughly four-mile segment of the existing road approximately 2,500 feet to the south has several benefits that will help address two ongoing concerns: a lack of buffer space for Raytheon operations and an inability to expand.”

The County claims that the project will improve access throughout the general area and “serve as the backbone for a new, 10-mile aerospace and defense parkway, while allowing for compatible development in a new potential aerospace and defense research and business park. Along with the construction will come significant improvements to the roadway, including turn lanes, cross culverts for low-flow drainage, channel drainage, signals, and seeding.”


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