NOAA data show an 18-year cooling trend in US

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center maintains a website called “Climate at a Glance” ( ) which allows you to construct graphs of temperature data using various criteria. The folks at C3Headlines tried it and came up with some interesting results. I went to the site to try it also and was able to reproduce results shown at C3Headlines. Here are the results:

1The starting year of 1997 was picked because the winter of 1997/1998 was one of a super El Nino that warmed the US. The so-called “pause” in global warming is aptly demonstrated using NOAA data. 2014 was definitely not the warmest year (see my article: 2014 was the third or sixth or 8000th warmest year)

According to this plot of NOAA data, the US has experienced a cooling trend of -0.19 degrees F per decade for the period 1997 to 2014. This occurred in spite of an increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The cooling trend for the 21st Century alone is -0.27 degrees F per decade according to NOAA data. By the way, NOAA says that for the US, 2014 was only the 34th warmest year (source).

None of the sophisticated climate models approved by “97% of climate scientists” predicted this result. The models are based on the assumption that carbon dioxide has a significant influence on global temperature. Observations show that this assumption is wrong, yet our political policy on climate is also based on that assumption. It looks like NOAA will have to “adjust” its data record to reflect the political climate.

And speaking of the political climate, there is a great editorial by H. Sterling Burnett titled “How Many Of World’s Poor Will Climate Alarmists Let Die?” It begins:

“‘How many people do you want to kill or let die?’ That’s how I’m going to respond from now on to anyone who argues we should end or sharply restrict fossil fuel use to prevent global warming.

Arguing the science has no effect on global warming alarmists. They are immune to facts and stick to models and fallacious arguments from biased, unscientific authorities.”

Read full article at Investor’s Business Daily.

And, surprise, surprise, even the Arizona Daily Star has a good editorial piece, “Carbon dioxide, despite word games, is profoundly Earth-friendly,” which lists the facts about carbon dioxide and climate. Judging by the comments to that post, it really upset members of the Carbon Cult.

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