COVID-19: Are You Immune And Safe?

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I hope you are beginning to return to a more active life.

Sadly, people who have been double-jabbed still don’t feel safe. They may be shunning family members and long-time friends who have chosen not to be injected, even relatives and friends who had gotten COVID and had recovered.

COVID is not like leprosy, syphilis, or AIDS, with which patients remain infectious for life. Nor does it make some people chronic carriers like typhoid or hepatitis b. It’s like the common cold (often caused by a coronavirus), measles, influenza, or mumps. The patient quickly clears the virus and becomes noninfectious, but develops immunity, which with certain diseases like measles is robust and life-long.

We’re still learning about COVID, but with the delta variant, natural immunity may be better:

Early reports of better-than-90% efficacy involved a brief period of time and the original strain. Immunity is waning, and boosters are being called for, even for the “one-shot” Johnson & Johnson jab. Most cases in the U.S. are now of the delta type. This might have emerged through natural selection as vaccine immunity suppressed the early types allowing the mutants to take over. Natural immunity should be broader, targeting many parts of the virus instead of just the spike protein.

The early promise that the vaccinated would not get hospitalized or die of COVID has not been realized: witness Colin Powell. The claim that ICUs are filled only with unvaccinated people is dubious, considering data from the UK, Australia, and Israel, where up to 99% of hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated.

Since vaccinated persons can spread the virus, even if they have minimal symptoms, this is not just a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

So, whether vaccinated or not, you could still get COVID. Everyone should be aware of the need to support the natural immune system, as with adequate vitamin D3 levels, and of early treatment options.

Additional information:

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Jane Orient, M.D.
Executive Director, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

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