Houses Censures Gosar For Anime, Strips Committee Assignments

us capitol
Capitol Hill (Photo courtesy Architect of the Capitol)

On Wednesday, the U.S. House censured Rep. Paul Gosar, and stripped him of his committee assignments as punishment daring to tweet an anime video focused on the border crisis.

While the Democrats claimed the video was violent it does not show him slaying Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or threatening President Joe Biden.

In his address to his colleagues, Gosar reiterated that he does “not espouse violence toward anyone” and explained again that the video was intended to symbolize the Biden administration’s border crisis.

However, the Democrats’ attack on Gosar is seen by many as more about the protest at the Capitol on January 6, than on the short anime movie.

House Republicans said the Democratic majority is guilty of having a double standard. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the attack on Gosar an example of “rules for thee but not for me.” He pointed out numerous times, the Democrats overlooked questionable speech by their own members while rushing to take action against Republicans.

Gosar removed the cartoon, but Speaker Pelosi was determined to have him censured and stripped of his assignments on the Oversight and Reform, as well as Natural Resources committees.

See the cartoon in question:

“This Congress will go down in history as the broken Congress,” said McCarthy. “House Democrats have used nearly every rule and standard in order to silence dissidents and stack the deck for their radical, unpopular agenda.”

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