Students Who Verbally Attacked, Filmed “White Cis Gender Students” Disciplined

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TEMPE, AZ – Supporters of the two black women who verbally attacked two white men accusing them of invading their safe space have launched into action after learning the women are under investigation.

ASU Police are looking into the matter that occurred in September involving undergraduate student Mastaani Qureshi and graduate student Sarra Tekola. The video of the two women, attacking the two young male students for studying ASU Tempe Campus’ Student Success Center has gone viral.

The women claimed the building was a multicultural center, However, at the time of the attack it was not designated as such.

The women and supportive faculty claim the two women were the victims because “the White students’ “display of symbols” including “Police Lives Matter sticker, a Chik-fil-A cup, and a shirt with the slogan ‘Did not vote for Biden’” were “linked to systemic racism and discrimination in America can only be seen as provocative microaggressions when perpetrated by members of a privileged majority in a space meant to provide security and safety for members of marginalized groups.”

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The women claim they have been told to write a statement outlining how they would be more polite.

Campus Reform obtained an email from an ASU professor asking colleagues to sign a letter against the school’s decision to pursue charges against the attackers.

According to Campus Reform Leah Sarat, an associate professor of Religious Studies, wrote in a mass email, co-signed by 11 other individuals, on Nov. 2 that the students face the following two violations:

● “5-308 F-11 ‘Interfering with or disrupting university or university-sponsored activities, including but not limited to classroom related activities, studying, teaching, research, intellectual or creative endeavor, administration, service or the provision of communication, computing or emergency services.'”

● “5-308 F-20 ‘Stalking or engaging in repeated or significant behavior toward another individual, whether in person, in writing, or through electronic means, after having been asked to stop, or doing so to such a degree that a reasonable person, subject to such contact, would regard the contact as unwanted.'”

One of the students,  who came under attack for being a “white, cis male,” Chase Beckerman, offered a apology of sorts on social media and that he was cooperating with University officials in an investigation of the matter.

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