Arizona Representatives Vote On “Build Back Better” Or “Build Back Worse” Bill

us capitol
(Photo courtesy Architect of the Capitol)

On Friday, the U.S. House approved the massive $1.9 trillion spending package that some are calling “Build Back Better” and others are calling “Build Back Worse” bill. The bill will be paid for with tax increases.

Arizona’s representatives split along party lines in a 220-213 vote although opposition to the bill was bipartisan, with Democrat, Rep. Jared Golden of Maine joining the Republicans.

Rep. Ruben Gallego said, “For the 139,000 Arizona children who will gain access to free, high quality preschool, the Build Back Better Act is for them. For the over 400,000 renters in Arizona struggling to pay their lease each month, the Build Back Better Act is for them. For the Arizona family struggling to make ends meet, pay for child care, and put food on the table, the Build Back better Act is for them. And for my constituents, who are living through longer and hotter stretches of extreme heat with every passing year due to climate change, the Build Back Better Act is for them.”

“Working families have been forced to sit on the economic sidelines for years while our nation’s wealthiest reaped the benefits of tax cuts and loopholes,” continued Gallego. “The Build Back Better Act is the solution to reversing this trend of top-down economics.

“I am extremely proud to have joined my colleagues in the House to pass the Build Back Better Act. This vote is a monumental step in delivering for families the much-needed relief President Biden and Democrats in Congress promised to bring. As the Build Back Better Act now heads to the Senate, I will do everything in my power to get this bill signed in to law,” concluded Gallego.

Rep. Paul Gosar stated, “Just two weeks ago, voters across the country voted resoundingly to repudiate the Democrats’ socialist agenda. The message was clear: Americans do not support and do not want the America Last agenda of the Radical Left. And what has been the response by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi? To plow ahead with their massive tax and spending bill in the House of Representatives.

“This massive spending bill includes free college tuition and amnesty for millions of illegal aliens already in our country. The legislation doubles the size of the Internal Revenue Service so they can spy on your banking deposits and go after every penny you earn,” argued Gosar. “It shamefully removes provisions that protect taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortions. It includes over $1.2 trillion in crushing tax increases on small businesses and the middle-class while increasing the national debt by nearly 25%. The legislation spends over $500 billion to appease Green New Deal lunatics and implement their radical climate change agenda. It expands welfare benefits by eliminating work requirements for able-bodied individuals who would rather sit at home on their couch collecting a taxpayer funded paycheck rather than get a job. Also tucked away in this massive bill is a little-known provision to fund and implement gun control measures, depriving law-abiding gun owners of their Second Amendment rights.”

“Democrats, blind to the wishes of working-class Americans, are poised to enact the largest tax increase and social spending plan in the history of our country while granting amnesty to millions of lawbreakers. Under this plan, Americans at every income level will see their taxes increase. I voted against this destructive, debt crushing, big-spending socialist plan,” concluded Congressman Gosar.