Biggs Wants Answers To Questions About Biden’s “Botched” Afghanistan Withdrawal

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On Monday, Congressman Andy Biggs sent a letter to President Biden regarding the Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Several months after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan there are still unanswered questions about events surrounding the withdrawal, the attack on the airport, the drone strike, and how many Americans are still trying to escape from Afghanistan,” wrote Biggs. Please provide your answers to the following questions by December 15, 2021:

1. Why did you decide to abandon Bagram Airforce Base before all Americans had evacuated from Afghanistan?
2. Did you coordinate with the Afghan Government regarding the prisoners before leaving Bagram Air Base?
3. Why did American forces leave terrorists at Bagram when they left?
4. Did you order the drone strike on August 29, 2021, that killed 10 civilians, including 7 children?
5. What evidence did you have that it was an ISIS-K operative?
6. How many Americans are still in Afghanistan?
7. What is your administration doing to get all Americans remaining in Afghanistan out of the country?
8. How is it possible that negligence is not involved when a family of 10 is mistaken for a single terrorist?

If these questions cannot be provided in written form due to national security concerns, I request a classified briefing in which the information can be shared.

“It’s been months since Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and there are still many unanswered questions that have been left ignored by the Biden administration,” said Biggs. “Not only did we needlessly lose 13 American soldiers, but there are still American citizens stranded in Afghanistan. And, adding insult to injury, the Taliban is now flaunting and employing American weaponry that Biden carelessly left behind. Bottom line: the Afghanistan withdrawal was an unmitigated disaster. We deserve answers.”

Biggs has also raised questions about the vetting process used in the evacuation process.

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Biggs cited reports of suspicious people who were airlifted on U.S. evacuation flights, including 20,000 who have reached American soil and more than 40,000 others waiting at U.S. bases overseas.

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