In Anticipation Of 2022 Legislative Session Lawmakers Propose Bills

Arizona capitol

The second regular session of the 55th legislature will convene officially on January 10, 2022, which is still almost two months away. However, in our state, legislators are allowed to introduce bills, on a “prefile” basis as early as November 15.

Some legislators choose not to do any prefiling for a variety of reasons, which often include the avoidance of tipping their hand to potential opponents.

Other legislators are eager to introduce their bills as early as possible as a means of getting ahead of the pack and building early support for their bills. As a result of this, as of the time of this writing, there have been 20 bills introduced. This is a miniscule portion of the 1,000+ bills that are likely to be introduced, but it is fair to assume that many more will be introduced between now and January 10.

Judging by the subject of some of these bills, it is clear that some legislators will be violating the unspoken rule that no controversial bills be introduced in an election year. Even this small sample of 20 bills contains some that are likely to generate a lot of heat.

As observers of the political landscape, we at AZ Peoples Lobbyists are seeing a significant increase in interest by citizens. This is no doubt the result of the disastrous Biden administration, aided and abetted by a Democrat controlled congress. This disaster includes, but is not limited to, banana republic style runaway inflation, undue interference in people’s medical decisions, and total chaos at our southern border.

Those citizens who want to get involved, but don’t quite know how, will do well to visit our website at There they can obtain information regarding the three most popular ways to contact legislators:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Request to Speak System

Knowing what to do and how to do it is only half of the equation. Citizens also need to know what is coming up so that they can react accordingly. There are dozens of organizations that will provide that information, but most are single-issue oriented. At AZ Peoples Lobbyists we do not limit ourselves to any single subject, but do limit our involvement based on a positive answer to two questions:

  • Will it have a significant impact on peoples’ lives?
  • Is it controversial?

For example, of the 20 bills introduced so far, we will be tracking two introduced by Sen. Leach,

  • SCR1001 technical correction; state lands; price
  • SCR1002 state trust lands; technical correction

Two introduced by Sen. Ugenti-Rita,

  • SB1008 elections; recount margin
  • SCR1004 tuition; postsecondary education

Another great source of information about this and other subjects is the one you are reading right now, namely the Arizona Daily Independent. You may make sure you do not miss out on important information by subscribing HERE >>