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Lawmaker “Thinks It’s Time For A Drag Show At The Arizona Legislature”

Arizona Representative State Andrés Cano is proposing to bring a drag show to the Capitol in response to a group of Arizona legislators who announced that they are working on a bill to prohibit children from attending drag shows.

@AndresCanoAZ tweeted: “I think it’s time for a drag show at the Arizona legislature, don’t you?!”

While Canos’ suggestion was widely praised by followers who list their personal pronouns in their Twitter bios, it raised eyebrows with others, who are painfully aware that the Democratic Caucus, and the LGBTQ+ Caucus took hits last year, when one of its most proiment members, Toni Navarrete, was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor…


  1. LGBTQ+SC SC being self centered… oh oh oh look at ‘me’ I have letters after my name and “I’m different” come join me…. no thanks

    had a grown man wearing a ‘tiara crown – grandmas dress and hand bag’ sit down beside me yesterday while having a brew; asked if i minded him sitting there – I said no, but please don’t become obtrusive or unruly – didn’t have much to share with ‘him – her – or whomever it was or is he/she or it wants to be – to many details to just shoot the breeze… I asked where you from… I’d rather not say? Ok… you look silly in your dress and tiara ? Not appropriate… so enjoy your root beer and have a nice day ; the interaction – aaahhhh how’s your golf swing? Sheeessshhhhh the one thing I noticed was the extreme wear of this young man’s front teeth – I’m guessing stress or drug induced – it must not be much fun living a life such as this young man has embarked upon – to each their own – I suppose – too bad his being seemed to express some torment – I would consider a sad way to proceed

  2. They do little enough now and then someone wants a weirdo show! Their job is to work for the people and they are not very good at that so what benefit do the taxpayers get from a parade like this?

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