Arizona Senate Shut Down By Protesters

senate protest
Protesters shut down the Senate on Friday.

On Friday, at approximately 8:30 p.m., the Arizona Senate was shut down temporarily due to protesters.

A Planned Parenthood protest began at 6 p.m. Friday at the Arizona Capitol – an hour ahead of a protest by the Phoenix Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Phoenix branch of Radical Women.

According to sources, DPS troopers used gas canisters and flash bangs to disperse the crowd.

“I am beyond impressed with our DPS officers who responded brilliantly to the attempted breach of security at the Arizona State Senate,” State senator Kelly Townsend told the Arizona Daily Independent. “This is why we do not defund the police.”

Eventually, the senators moved their work to a hearing room on the first floor of the Senate building.

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  1. Where were the smoke bombs and police aggression during the January 6 insurrection? This is so hypocritical!!

  2. After the rally, how many of these dolt-ettes became pregnant after forgetting, in their rage, lto take their birth control pill?

  3. Not all of these people are just “useful idiots”. Some of them will probably be dangerous. We in Northern Arizona, while also self defended, are supportive of law enforcement and thankful that our fellow Arizonans to the South have not disbanded the police. This issue is just an excuse for the really dangerous radicals to riot and cause havoc. When this passes there will be another issue for them to use.

  4. Some of the rioters, whom I refer to as ‘useful idiots’, chanted “my body, my choice!” But in the main, they were the same (useful idiots) who wanted forced cv19 shots for any who declined the death jab. Disconnect much?

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