AZDPS Finds Rioters Do Significant Criminal Damage To Arizona Capitol Mall Monuments

antifa damage

The damage left by rioters at the Arizona State Capitol Complex on Friday, is more extensive than originally believed. Significant criminal damage impacted the Wesley Bolin Memorial Amphitheatre, 158th Regimental Memorial, Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Memorial, Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial, and Lt. Frank Luke Jr. Memorial.

What began as a peaceful protest evolved into anarchical and criminal actions by masses of splinter groups. As groups realized the state legislature was in session, they attempted to breach the doors of the Arizona Senate and force their way into the building. The violence of their efforts literally shook the building and terrified citizens and law makers who occupied the building. As the glass doors bowed from attempts of forced entry, the occupants of the building were instructed to move to secure locations.


Due to the direct threat to the occupants of the Senate building and damage to the building itself, Arizona State Troopers took immediate action and utilized tactics including the deployment of field force teams and tear gas.

As the riotous behavior at the Legislature was taking place, concurrent and spillover criminal misconduct in the form of felony criminal damage and the defacing of state memorials was occurring in Wesley Bolin Plaza.

Troopers exercised patience and application of tactics in Wesley Bolin Plaza as some people unwisely brought children to the protest turned unlawful assembly. After multiple warnings, and notifications of trespass and unlawful assembly, state troopers deployed gas and strategically moved to clear the plaza. After the plaza was cleared, additional state buildings in the area sustained criminal damage.

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  1. Democrat insurrectionists who should be criminally prosecuted. But won’t, as usual.

  2. What is good for the J6 protesters should be good enough for these mad cows. Why is it when it’s democrats it’s ok, but when it’s conservatives they are brought up on charges that are even manufactured in some cases?
    Those mad cows, despicable creatures whose perverted desires to murder another human being, are being tolerated by a police cult that have joined in their perversion.
    There is no other explanation why these soul less police tolerate them, and that goes for the judges too who often give them a slap on the wrist.

  3. Hey, it’s just a peaceful protest by law abiding, civic minded citizens.

  4. A few photo’s might finally confirm who the enemy within really is. While I have been disgusted with these perpetrators in the past, now they have made me man.

  5. Thats for sure and since they are left/democraps ALL need to be brought up on charges and face JAIL time. If its good enough for an expresident it should be more than good enough for a bunch that does not care and has caused damage just so they can say they participated. I am sure someone was shot and killed and that the police/troopers were injured just like they claim in dc.

  6. Why the heck did troopers exercise patience? That is a vice not a virtue when fighting subversive communists. Remember Chicago Mayor Daley, Sr. when his shoot to kill rioters orders stopped the rioting vermin cold?

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