“Stand down” called for in replacing Giffords

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik has called on democrats and republicans to “stand down” in the election for the replacement of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. He called for a “caretaker” someone from her inner circle to “carry out her agenda through the end of her term fill the vacancy.

Kozachik suggested that either Ron Barber or Mark Kimble, who he says “reflect Gabby’s principles. “Ideally, the Congresswoman would select somebody from within her inner circle to carry out her agenda through the end of her term” and “if there exists within that staff one who is willing to step up and take on the duties of being her arms, legs, and voice on the House floor through the end of the term, that staff has earned the right.”

By Arizona law, the Governor had to call for a special primary and special general election to fill the vacancy left by Congresswoman Giffords’s resignation. However, Kozachik claims that “8 belongs to Ms.Giffords.” But he says, “Whoever steps into her shoes must do so with the open commitment that this is for the remainder of her term. At that time, the will of the voters will have been honored and the ‘caretaker’ Representative will step down.”

Kozachik claims that “the work of the current D8 staff will be dishonored” if CD8 is “filled through the Special Election in a competitive race.”

“In the event the current D8 staff members simply want to ride out the remainder of the term doing the fine work they have been doing, I would still propose that Gabby offer up her strong choice for a caretaker candidate. That person would be honor bound to retain her entire staff, pursue her Congressional agenda through the remainder of the term, and step aside in November for the newly formed D2 Representative. If she were to do that, I would hope both Republicans and Democrats would stand down on running for the D8 seat and simply allow her choice to run unopposed.”

Kozachik writes that Giffords “should be given the opportunity to select her successor – and that person must take on that role with the expressed intent of stepping aside at the end of her term.”

The Councilman concludes by writing in the TucsonCitizen.com that anyone who runs for CD 8 is subverting “the will of the voters by taking advantage of the tragic events of January 2011.”

“Gabby’s office has been fully staffed for the last 11 months and acting like they are doing the business for Southern Arizona and they don’t represent us. Now a city councilman wishes for us to “stand down”? Please, it is time to follow the rules for filling a vacancy of office; Ms Gifford’s has resigned and it is time to move on according to Arizona Statute. Let’s quit making up policy; there is enough of this behavior going on already,” said Mike Ebert from the Pima County GOP.