Arizona legislators offer bipartisan support for the Navajo Generating Station

A bipartisan authored letter was sent to the EPA Region 9 Administrator, Jared Blumenfeld, in support of the Navajo Generating Station in Northern Arizona. In the letter, House Speaker Andy Tobin (R-Dist. 1), Representative Albert Hale (D- Dist. 2) Senate President Steve Pierce (R- Dist. 1) and Senator and Jack Jackson, Jr. (D- Dist. 2) encourage alternatives to the EPA’s BART Proposal (Best Available Retrofit) for the retrofit of particulate scrubbers that would be in compliance with their Regional Haze Rule.

Full implementation could cost the Navajo Generating Station as much as $1.1 billion to implement. In the letter, the legislators insist that the BART Proposal would also prove detrimental to the local economy and could jeopardize almost 5,000 jobs if implemented as is. They state that up to 80% of those jobs are held by Native Americans.

The letter maintains that since the electricity from the NGS generates the power used to funnel Colorado River water to the CAP, the EPA’s plan would greatly increase the cost of river water. This would disproportionately hurt farmers and Rural Native American Communities in Northern Arizona.

In an appeal to Mr. Blumenfeld, the legislators ask that he “take the unique circumstances affecting NGS into consideration in your pending BART proposal. We are confident that if those circumstances are properly taken into account, the EPA can develop a BART proposal that makes progress towards the long-term goals of the Regional Haze Rule, without introducing the risk of severe economic consequences to Arizona Indian Tribes and to the state as a whole”.