Barber heads east for cash, Antenori gets 2012 endorsement

Congressional candidate Ron Barber was in D.C. this week for a fundraiser hosted by Nancy Pelosi and other top democratic party leaders. Pelosi headlined the event, which included other hosts Whip Steny Hoyer, Assistant Dem Leader John Larson, Democratic caucus vice chair Xavier Becerra and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel. Arizona representatives Raul Grijalva and Ed Pastor, were also listed as hosts.

At the same time congressional candidate Frank Antenori received the endorsement of the Arizona 2012 Project, a prominent political action committee.

“Senator Antenori has played a key role in reducing state spending, shrinking state government, and enforcing laws to deter illegal immigration,” Ron Ludders, the Chair of the Arizona 2012 Project noted.

“Senator Antenori is, by all criteria, a supporter of the Tea Party movement and of a return to Constitutional governance. Above all, Frank Antenori is known for his fierce advocacy in the service of freedom,” Ludders continued.

The Yellow Sheet is reporting that Arizona State Senator has already drafted a letter of resignation. However, Aboud said she hasn’t yet decided whether to remain in the Legislature. Rumors persist the the resignation will happen this Firday.

According to the Yellow Sheet, “She said she didn’t plan to resign this week, but was a bit cryptic on whether she had plans to step down at a later date. “I might, but I don’t know what it is. Nothing in this life is definite,” she said. Despite Aboud’s denial, one Dem lobbyist still expects her to step down on Friday and said she already has a letter of resignation drafted. Farley said he’d heard the rumors as well, though he hadn’t confirmed them. “I’m particularly hearing that from some people who are interested in taking the Senate seat. That might be wishful thinking,”