Man arrested for bomb threat to Tucson flight

Ivan Bugakov, 24, of Jacksonville, S.C., was arrested on May 28, in Tucson after being removed from a U.S. Airways flight. He was charged with false information and threats involving aircraft.

Bugakov was on a U.S. Airways flight that was scheduled to depart Tucson, when he became loud, unruly, and belligerent. Because Bugakov allegedly refused to follow orders of the flight crew, the flight crew decided to taxi back to the gate and have Bugakov removed from the plane.

While exiting the plane, Bugakov allegedly told the flight crew and fellow passengers that there was a bomb onboard. When confronted by airport police, Bugakov allegedly stated that he had a bomb in his carry-on luggage. All passengers were required to exit the plane and all luggage and passengers were re-screened. Bomb detection dogs were brought in to search for explosive devices, but none were found.

The charges against Bugakov entail giving false information, pertaining to an explosive device aboard an aircraft, knowing the information to be false, under circumstances in which the information reasonably may be believed.

A conviction for false information and threats involving aircraft carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, or both.

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