Carmona distances himself from President Obama

Shortly before the victory by Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, democrat claims that Arizona is “in play” for President Obama and his fellow Democrats in 2012, were becoming less credible. Now, Arizona democrats, including Richard Carmona, are quickly distancing themselves from the President.

Carmona, who was personally recruited by President Obama last year to run for Senate, in a surprising television interview with KTVK 3 in Phoenix, Carmona is now attempting to distance himself from the president, claiming that he has “no connections to President Obama.”

“Richard Carmona’s public retreat from President Obama is an embarrassing ploy to save his political skin,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Jeff Flake’s senate campaign. “It’s strains credulity to claim that he now has ‘no connections’ to the very person who recruited him to run in the first place. I guess that’s gratitude for you.”

In the only debate in the CD8 Special election race, Democrat candidate Ron Barber twice refused to say if he supported the President. Only after much controversy and speculation did Barber release a statement saying that he would vote for the President.

Current polls show Barber and his Republican opponent Jesse Kelly in a tie. The election is being held to replace Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who resigned this year to recover from a head injury sustained at the hands of a deranged gunman, in Tucson last January 8.

The congressional district is normally a solid democratic stronghold, but due to concerns about border security and opposition to President Obama’s healthcare plan, Kelly almost beat Giffords in the 2010 General Election.


  1. Obamitis is a new highly contagious disease. Symptom stuttering, indecision, memory laps and occasional vomiting.

    Research indicates it will last about six months with rapid recovery coming in the Holiday season.

    • Good one, Tucson Tom, I love it! LOL

      Let’s all hope for a complete recovery.

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