Candidates challenged in numerous lawsuits

The deadline to file court challenges to candidates for the 2012 general election ballot has passed. By Friday’s deadline, challenges to 11 legislative candidates, three congressional candidates and one US Senate candidate challenges were filed.

Challenging candidates’ petitions is often the cheapest and easiest way to win an election. Using reasons from not having enough signatures, to not using a candidate’s legal name, opponents often take the chance to not take any chances at the ballot booth by eliminating competition early.

LD24 candidate Jean Cheuvront-McDermott’ petitions are being challenged by backers of opponent Chad Campbell. Democrat attorney Andy Gordon on behalf of Bahney Dedolph, filed the complaint, arguing that her nominating petitions don’t contain the candidate’s correct name.

The candidate is accused of using her hyphenated name to score political points. The complaint alleges that she only added Cheuvront in order to “reap the political benefit of the name of her well-known son, Ken Cheuvront.”

LD13 candidate Toby Farmer’s petitions are being challenged by opponent Darin Mitchell. Mitchell wants 308 of Farmer’s 447 signatures disqualified. Mitchell argues that 138 are not registered voters, 79 have bad addresses, 33 are from the wrong party, 55 do not list a date, 1 is out of the district and one is illegible.

LD15 candidate John Allen’s petitions are being challenged by James Bearup. Bearup wants 292 of Allen’s 734 signatures disqualified. Bearup argues that 70 are not registered voters, 19 are from the wrong party, 2 are duplicates, 9 are illegible, 35 don’t match the voter file, 4 didn’t list a city or ZIP code, and 1 didn’t list an address and 2 registered after signing the petition. Bearup claims that 150 are from voters not in LD15.

LD16 candidate Jeff Davis is being challenged by Kelly Townsend. Townsend wants 291 of Davis’ 640 signatures disqualified. Townsend claims that 115 can’t be found in voter files, 64 had a bad address, 55 aren’t in the district, 46 are wrong party, 7 didn’t list a date, 2 are illegible and 1 registered to vote after signing the petition.

LD16 candidate Rich Crandall’s petitions are being challenged by John Fillmore. Fillmore wants 319 of Crandall’s 643 signatures disqualified. Fillmore claims that 65 were on petitions that included signatures from voters in both Maricopa and Pinal counties, 61 are not registered voters, 4 are from the wrong party, 14 did not list a date, 7 are illegible, 60 don’t match the voter file and 10 didn’t list a city or ZIP code, and 108 are from voters not in LD16.

LD20 candidate George Benavides’ petitions are being challenged by Carl Seel. Seel wants 85 of Benavides’ 463 signatures disqualified. He claims that 16 signers don’t live in LD20, 14 aren’t registered to vote, 15 are in the wrong party, 3 are duplicates, 3 do not list a date, 8 are illegible, 1 has no signature, 9 don’t list a city or ZIP code and 17 don’t match the voter file.