Demands for Bennett’s resignation renewed

Representative  Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, renewed his call for Ken Bennett to resign as the co-chair of Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in Arizona or resign as secretary of state. The demand is, in part, a result of comments Bennett made at a recent meeting of state legislative District 12 Republicans.

During that meeting, Bennett claimed he believes Obama was “fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college.”

Questions have arisen about whether it is inappropriate for Bennett to be the co-chair of Romney’s presidential campaign in Arizona and the Secretary of State.

“Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is not doing himself or the state any favors by his continued comments about President Barack Obama’s birthplace. It is inexcusable and we’re still waiting for Bennett to resign one of his jobs,” Campbell said.

The birther issue has haunted Bennett who had hopes of becoming governor.

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