Rio Nuevo…. the monument: Sunday’s comic

Mount Rio Nuevo: Mike Hein, Bob Walkup, Shirely Scott, and Steve Kozachik

“The prior Board at least spent money trying to do things (much of which was ill advised) and relied on City staff to handle their books.” ~ Exact quote from Steve Kozachik’s newsletter date 3/20/12, in response to Depot Garage audit.

Not all methods of blowing money are productive….. the City Of Tucson has blown through $230 million plus, with virtually nothing to show for it. Mount Rushmore cost a total of $989,992.32 (adjusted for inflation $20 million)…. 6,000 pounds of dynamite were used just to carve George Washington…… the project took 14 years to complete…. in 2010, over 2 million tourists visited the site….. they bought things….. and left their money behind

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  1. Freaking hilarious. Is that Jim “Hey Everybody” Snap in the middle there. Very funny.

    The only thing they “made” with the $230M was a big mess.

    I agree with Rio Nuevo Fever above, they did also give us an expensive laugh. Although the joke is over and the current circling of wagons is just pathetic.

  2. Yeowzers. Whatch them suddenly come up with lots of cash … What has the city been hiding waiting for a friendly Rio Board again… ?

  3. LOL hahahahahahahaahaha
    love the satire here. You’ve really summed it up well. Keep it up ADI!

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