Former Rep. Patterson pops up in Silver City

During the business segment of the June 12, Silver City’s Town Council meeting, the Town Council approved former Arizona Representative Daniel Patterson, to the Town’s Planning & Zoning Commission. Patterson resigned from the Arizona Legislature just this spring, moments before the House was to vote to remove him from office.

Patterson was accused of domestic violence and intimidating fellow lawmakers. According to the Arizona Republic, “Patterson tweeted this week that he has been appointed to the Silver City, N.M., Planning and Zoning Commission. He noted that he’s still living in Tucson as well.”

The Republic reported that when they contacted Town Manager Alex Brown, she did not know about the allegations, or that he was a former Arizona lawmaker. Patterson applied for the spot as D.R. Patterson.

Patterson says that he also lives and works much of the time in Silver City, New Mexico.

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  1. The good citizens of Silver City should view some of the old videos of Patterson when he was in committee meetings at the AZ Legislature. They will then have something to look forward to this winter. The days get short and the nights are long in Silver City but the place to be this coming winter for some real entertainment will be to attend the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.

  2. PS, He is apparently still running for state house as he has a sign up at Valencia and Nogales Highway.

  3. I predict a surge in the number of approved zoning applications for large scale residential hydroponic gardening operations and great opportunities for enterprising Siver Citians if they start selling grow lights.

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