Governor extends rulemaking moratorium

Governor Jan Brewer today issued an Executive Order continuing her regulatory review and moratorium for Arizona State agencies. The current rulemaking review and moratorium is set to expire June 30, 2012.

The Governor’s Executive Order extends the rulemaking review and moratorium until December 31, 2014.

Upon taking office in January 2009, Governor Brewer’s first official action was to implement a rulemaking moratorium that would prevent regulatory mandates and streamline rules on Arizona’s private sector employers.

“With Arizona’s current status as a top-10 state for business, and the top state for innovators to start new businesses, it is imperative that we keep regulations lean and predictable,” said the Govenor in a statement released Tuesday. “Continuing this current rulemaking moratorium will be instrumental in increasing our State’s job competitiveness and promoting lasting economic growth.”

H.B. 2744 was passed by the Legislature this year. The law permits state agencies to conduct expedited rulemaking in order to streamline existing rules and increase the efficiency and service quality of State agencies.