Napier wins key endorsement for Pima County Sheriff

Pima County Sheriff candidate, Mark Napier, has won an important Southern Arizona endorsement his week. The Southern Arizona Conservative PAC (SACPAC) endorsed Napier after a rigorous vetting process.

The endorsement comes with financial support to his campaign. In a letter sent to Napier, the group wrote, “based on your answers to the candidate survey, and the SACPAC Board of Directors recommendation, we are supporting you by donating to your campaign. We believe you are the ideal candidate for Pima County Sheriff, and wish you the best of luck in the primary and on to victory in the general election over the Democrat opponent, Clarence Dupnik.”

Napier retired from the Tucson Police Department as captain after nearly 30 years. He is currently employer as the Associate Director of Operations at the University of Arizona in the Parking & Transportation Services department.

Napier has a Bachelor of Science, degree in Social Psychology, and a master’s from Park University in Criminal Justice.
The Republican candidate says his top priority is to “restore effective leadership, reduce crime by in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies.”


  1. Throughout his 30 yr career, Mark worked his way up the ladder by his exemplary job performance at every level. He understands the needs of the street cops but also knows the management & budget side of the job. He will NOT embarass us by “acting stupidly” as Dupnik did after the Giffords shooting. It REALLY is time for a new Sheriff!

  2. Mark really is the only candidate who can beat Dupnick in the fall. We all need to get behind this guy to Dump Clarence Dupnick!

  3. Mark’s enormous experience, management skills, and education makes him a no-brainer choice for Sheriff in Pima County!

  4. I am very proud to have earned the support and endorsement of SACPAC. Please take a minute to visit my website ( With your support we can win the primary and then defeat Dupnik in November. It’s time for a new Sheriff.

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