1. Vote 4 Tanner Bell to replace Bronson. Her ideas have bankrupted this county and she is not done yet. Stop her before we are Stockton, San Bernadino, or Scranton.

  2. Isn’t it important to the voters who will go to the primary to consider the “electability” of our primary winner in the general against Nancy Young Wright? Do you honestly think the Democrats won’t bring up everything they can find about the Republican Candidate? Wake up! The voters should be informed about each of the candidates pros and cons before they vote in the primary! Not afterwards and from the Democrats!So let’s get it out in the open for all to see!
    Ally Miller is the only true conservative candidate that has shown she is not going to sit down and let Pima County continue on it’s corrupt cycle of tax, tax, tax, spend, spend spend!

  3. I have followed all four candidates and there is only one standout — Ally Miller. She will expose all the underhanded dealing that go on and will wake up Pima county. She is our only chance to turn Pima County around.

  4. Oh shaadup, stop whinning and do your homework Ralph. I think everything said above is actually quite true. Ann Day, Don Diamond, and Jim Click really DID pick Mike to be her replacement; Stuart actually was fired from his job for stupid stuff and he really is unemployed needing work; and can you actually name a solitary thing Vic ever did for anyone besides screwing his renter in California out of her security deposit and having to be hauled into court for it? (No, he didn’t show up.)

  5. Sorry Arizona Daily Independent, Stuart McDaniel is the best person for this race. Vote Stuart McDaniel for Pima County Board of Supervisor in District 1, your pro-business conservative!

  6. We need government of the people, for the people, by the people and that’s Ally Miller. She is the people’s candidate, not the politicians candidate.

  7. This is so True! I’ve know Ally for a long time and she has been an unrelenting advocate for open and honest government. She is without a doubt the best candidate for the job if we want to truly make Pima County a better place.

  8. This is hilarious and so true! I am watching the BOS races so closely and pulling for Ally Miller & Sean Collins in the Primary. I hope the Pima County Republicans wake up and realize that the days of Click & Diamond funding everyone for votes needs to come to an end if we want to make progress in this town. Miller is the most qualified and will work the hardest to get the job done. Vote Miller, Gonzales, Bell & Collins!!

  9. Ally Miller is the only one who will actually work to clean up Pima County. If we can get Ally Miller, Fernando Gonzales, Tanner Bell and Sean Collins in there, we actually have a chance to clean up Pima County!

  10. Thank you BOS watcher. That is too funny! I’ve been hearing about this. I heard I may need to get some bleaching on my teeth as well. I’m rather surprised at the juvenile behavior.

  11. With or without a mustache Ally is still 100% more worthy and qualified than that other bunch of 3 nimrods.

    • Ally Miller Dist 1 has the ability to lead Pima County to a bright future. She is skilled and humble. We are impressed after hearing her speak at Quail Creek in Green Valley.

      Sean Collins is the man to lead from Dist 4. Out with the old, in with Pima County jobs, innovation and VISION!

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