Border Patrol continues to save lives

Since the beginning of July, U.S. Border Patrol agents, in the Tucson Sector, have saved the lives of more than a dozen undocumented entrants. During separate incidents in the first two weeks of July, agents rescued 15 undocumented entrants throughout Southern Arizona.

Victims required medical attention due to dehydration in each case. Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents, partnering with Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Office of Air and Marine air assets, were deployed in high risk areas to provide life-saving treatment to individuals in distress.

Other victims of the harsh Sonoran Desert were found dead. In separate incidents, Border Patrol agents discovered five bodies while patrolling within the Tucson Sector. The deceased subjects appeared to have died from environmental exposure.

Family and friends of individuals considering crossing into the U.S. illegally are encouraged to warn their loved ones of the inherent dangers that could cost them their lives. Exposure to the elements, abuses at the hands of smugglers, and extortion are just a few of the risks involved with attempting an illegal entry.

The Border Patrol says that they welcome assistance from the community. Citizens can report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol and remain anonymous by calling (877)-872-7435 toll free.