NFIB endorses state candidates

The Save America’s Free Enterprise (SAFE) Trust, the political action committee of the National Federation of Independent Business, has endorsed candidates for the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives.

The endorsements were based on the candidates’ voting records on 10 bills supported or opposed by the National Federation of Independent Business during the 2011-2012 regular sessions. Endorsements for non-incumbent candidates were based on the quality of their answers on a questionnaire.

Small business owners comprise 15 percent of all registered voters in the U.S., by comparison union voters make up 11.9 percent. When small business employees are added, the small business voting bloc swells to 43 percent

Voters prefer candidates supported by small business by a margin of 3 to 1 over those supported by organized labor, according to the Winston Group.

NFIB/Arizona represents 7,500 member businesses.

Current office holders endorsed:

LD5 House: Rep. Doris Goodale
LD6 Senate: Rep. Chester Crandell
LD6 House: Rep. Brenda Barton
LD8 House: Rep. Frank Pratt
LD10 Senate: Sen. Frank Antenori
LD10 House: Rep. Ted Vogt
LD11 Senate: Sen. Al Melvin
LD11 House: Sen. Steve Smith
LD12 Senate: Sen. Andy Biggs
LD13 Senate: Sen. Don Shooter
LD14 Senate: Sen. Gail Griffin
LD14 House: Rep. David Gowan
LD14 House: Rep. David Stevens
LD15 Senate: Sen. Nancy Barto
LD17 Senate: Sen. Steve Yarbrough
LD17 House: Rep. Tom Forese
LD17 House: Rep. J.D. Mesnard
LD18 Senate: Sen. John McComish
LD18 House: Rep. Jeff Dial
LD18 House: Rep. Bob Robson
LD20 Senate: Rep. Kimberly Yee
LD21 Senate: Sen. Rick Murphy
LD21 House: Rep. Rick Gray
LD21 House: Rep. Debbie Lesko
LD22 Senate: Sen. Judy Burges
LD23 Senate: Sen. Michele Reagan
LD24 House: Brian Kaufman
LD25 House: Rep. Justin Olson
LD25 House: Rep. Justin Pierce
LD28 Senate: Sen. Adam Driggs
LD28 House: Rep. Kate Brophy McGee
LD28 House: Rep. Amanda Reeve

Non-incumbent candidates endorsed:

LD6 House: Bob Thorpe
LD8 Senate: Joe Ortiz
LD10 House: Todd Coldfelter
LD8 House: T.J. Shope
LD9 House: Ethan Orr

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