PCSO candidate Frederick campaigns on “blue-helmet free zone”

Terry Frederick, candidate for Pima County Sheriff has turned his sites on the U.N., as part of his campaign strategy. Frederick has “grown concerned about the upcoming United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).”

Frederick claims that his campaign’s “investigative team has discovered that this treaty is part of a plan that was launched in 1961 when Under Secretary of State, Chester Bowles, ran the Department of State for the Secretary. This plan is clearly described in a shocking document titled, “Freedom From War – The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World”.

Frederick claims that “Due to recent secrecy at the United Nation’s hearings about the ATT, established after they became aware that the National Rifle Association (NRA) began attending previously public meetings, it is not known the exact wording of the treaty at this point. The exact wording may not be known until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs the treaty on July 27th, 2012.”

Fredericks informs his followers that “contributions to a United Nations Peace Force means” that the feds will “tax you and use those funds to pay foreign nations to take your own rights away. You will pay to have your own lives put into peril.”

Frederick says that he will “make a promise to the citizens of Pima County, Arizona, that as your neighborhood Sheriff I will do everything that my duty requires to protect your safety and to fight crime. This promise includes preventing un-Constitutional orders from harming your safety and welfare.”

Frederick “has a history of working as a process server and private investigator, both in Arizona and another state, for a period of nine (9) years” prior to 2011, according to court documents.

Frederick had “applied to be working for the Tombstone Marshall’s Office,” according to court records, but is now running or Pima County Sheriff.

Frederick pledges that he will “deliver to you a blue-helmet free zone.”

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