Pima County BOS campaign dirty tricks caught on camera

Dirty tricks politics and sign shenanigans are on the rise as Pima County residents begin to receive their early ballots. The desperation to maintain power has lead one campaign sign thief to get caught on camera.

On August 1st at approximately 10:00 p.m., at mile post 47 ½ on State Route 83,  footage was taken of an unidentified male removing a “Sean Collins for District 4 Supervisor” sign which was captured on the attached video. The Collins 4 Supervisor Campaign is issuing a $500.00 reward for any information that leads to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

As a result, Pima County Board of Supervisors District 4 candidate, Sean Collins, released the following statement: “A fair election process is one of our fundamental rights as a US Citizen. I am releasing this video with the full intention of prosecuting this person to the fullest extent the law allows.” Mr. Collins went on to say, “It costs thousands of dollars to replace signs in a campaign, not to mention the hard work and commitment of volunteers. I am doing this for every single candidate on the ballot, regardless of party affiliation, because campaign signage theft has become rampant in Pima County.”

ARS 16-1019 makes it a class 2 misdemeanor to “knowingly remove, alter, deface or cover any political sign of any candidate. The Collins 4 Supervisor campaign has turned the video over to the Pima County Sheriff’s department. They are asking anyone with information regarding this matter to call (520) 88-CRIME or the Pima County Sheriffs Department non-emergency number (520) 351-4900.

Collins is not the only victim of sign shenanigans. Candidate for State House LD10, Stephanie Mach says that “There is one location where my signs were stolen twice and replaced with other candidate’s signs so when I returned I simply put my sign back on the original stake that was still in the ground in its original location.”

Todd Clodfelter, candidate for State House LD10, has also experienced troubles with his signs. One supported said that he had discovered that vandals cut the wire he used to affix Clodfelter’s signs to their posts.

At one point, Democrat Dustin Cox didn’t take his opponent’s signs down, he simply affixed his to theirs. Meanwhile Dave Bradley, candidate for the Arizona Senate has attached his signs to public property in violation of the law.

Another Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1 candidate, Ally Miller, has worked tirelessly to replace her signs that have been stolen or otherwise vandalized.

Road signs are one of the most effective and least expensive advertising methods for candidates. Candidates and volunteers work long hours putting up signs that are often one of the only affordable ways to get a candidate known to the public. Incumbents generally can afford the more expensive radio and television ads.

Carroll has been spreading falsehoods about Collins to anyone who will listen. His access to the media, after years in power, has not panned out. Many of the tales he tells about his opponent turn out to be baseless smears. 

When Carroll tried to push a  story about a supposed foreclosure Collins faced at some unspecified time, the reporter challenged his claim and asked him what he thought his role was in the foreclosure of so many properties in Pima County as a sitting Supervisor. Carroll said that the property taxes in Pima County were not high, the economy was in good shape, and he didn’t know anyone who had faced foreclosure.

Pima County’s taxes are the highest in the state. Sean Collins does not have a property in foreclosure.

The dirty tricks and smear campaigns by the power hungry, or powers-that-be are turning off voters. One Democrat campaign worker said of the sign shenanigans, “This is a matter of the public’s right to know and free speech. The sign thieves should be ashamed and their candidates should denounce the garbage immediately. This isn’t a Pima County BOS race, this is just Pima County b.s.”

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  1. shame…. shame… Ray

  2. Typical. The BOS boys know how to get the job done. The guy was handy with the signs….road worker?

  3. Doesnt surprise me at all. This is definitely the working of Ray Carroll. Dirty, arrogant politician! I hope we can be done with him once and for all-and then maybe someone can investigate him and what he has really done at the BOS. Glad a reputable publication finally chimed in and pointed out his dirty tricks and threatening ways.

  4. Shame on white pickup truck driver!Stealing political signs is a misdemeanor and a moral sin for the person who STEALS another candidate’s message. Stealing violates trust.

  5. Milepost 47 1/2? Isn’t that ROSEMONT? Evil deeds will reap the whirlwind.

  6. Smile, your on candid camera. It’s amazing what a critter cam can do.

  7. A slap on the hand won’t stop anyone. Prosecution and the person who is behind all of the taking down of signs should be throw outof the election process. A typical dirty trick of the slimeball, foul mouthed Ray Carroll. Get him out of there before we end up paying for his retirement also.

  8. How about we just get rid of ALL of these roadside distractions/trash?

    Did someone’s sign make you ever vote for him or her?

    • It’s called name recognition and signage is a part of our election process. A candidate may not have as much funding as another for higher priced advertising (radio or tv) but signs can attract some voters to go to a website and check out the candidate. It is also a way for voters to show their support by putting a sign in their yard.

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