Ryan can take the heat

Ryan choice sends a clear message

It has always been my contention that, other things being equal, both the president and the vice-president must have extensive executive experience. This would include experience as a state governor or the chief executive of a large county, city, or corporation.

But other things are not always equal. We currently have an economic crisis in this country brought on by the implementation of Marxist ideology that must be stopped all costs.

The choice of Paul Ryan for VP by Romney sends some clear messages to the electorate that are extremely important:

1. It’s the economy: This choice sends a clear message that Romney is in fact serious about fixing the economy. Many officials talk about the economy but precious few are actually willing and able to take on the challenge and provide solutions that work. Ryan is one of those few who can and will. Polls tend to support this decision. While many people are passionate about immigration and other issues, the economy is the greatest overall concern of most voters.

2. No Pandering: Pundits and pseudo pundits have for months been salivating at the prospect of Romney naming a “minority” member, like Marco Rubio. It’s a god thing that Romney did not fall for this. It is not only foolhardy, but offensive to suggest that a VP nominee whose last name ends in a vowel or a z would bring hordes of Latinos to the Republican side. What would bring them aboard is the knowledge that their ideals and aspirations are the same as ours.

3. Ryan can take the heat: He has proven time and again that he is not easily intimidated. He is the ideal candidate to promote the agenda, and then absorb the heat that might otherwise be directed toward Romney.

Borrajero has been a Republican Precinct and State committeeman for the last 19 years. He has served as District secretary for the last two years. He was voted to be an “A” delegate to the 2012 national convention. He is the Communications Director of the Arizona Latino Republicans (ALRA). ALRA is the state’s largest Latino conservative organization.