Casa Grande tax fraud arrested 7 years later

The Internal Revenue Service is if nothing else patient and persistent. In December of 2000, while residing Casa Grande, Anna Andrade with others developed a plan to use false names U.S Post Office boxes and prepare false tax returns to obtain fraudulent Federal Income Tax refunds.

Andrade admitted as part of the plea agreement that she rented more than one U.S. P.O. Box to receive the fraudulent refund checks generated by the returns she prepared. Andrade aided taxpayers to create false W-2s to inflate the amount of money withheld from the taxpayer resulting in fraudulent refunds. She acknowledged that, during the period of the conspiracy charged in the indictment, false refunds totaled $63,296.

“Criminals involved in these bogus tax refund schemes are stealing from the government and increasing the burden for honest taxpayers. Our agency will always make these cases a top priority,” said Brian Watson Special Agent Internal Revenue Service.

The indictment, which was filed May 3, 2005 against Salvador Ramos Mariel, Jose Jesus Mariel Barajas, and Andrade, included 29 counts for the period 1997 through 2001. During this time the group created a total 327 individual returns amounting to $384,498 in fraudulent claims..

Penalties can include a fine of up to $250,000 a maximum of up to 5 years imprisonment or both and a term of supervised release of 3 years. The maximum term of probation is five years.

Furthermore the defendant Ms Andrade acknowledges that pleading guilty to these charges may have adverse consequences to her immigration status if she is a recently naturalized United States citizen or is not a citizen of the United States. Removal and other immigration consequences are the subject of a separate hearing which could result in the automatic removal of the defendant from the United States.

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