Gosar calls Obama’s “vision” despicable

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar said that he found the President’s statement that he has a “vision” of an America “in which prosperity is shared” to be “shocking” and “despicable.” Gosar told radio host Garret Lewis, on KNST 97.1 FM, that the President and his administration are “destroying the Constitution before our eyes.”

The President’s controversial statement has been interpreted as a promotion of a “redistribution of wealth.”

Gosar said that “the choice for the future is very clear, “the Presidents view of American is not the one I grew up with, not the one I know.”

The interview began with a discussion of the civil suit recently filed against Attorney General Eric Holder, in the failed gun running operation Fast and Furious.

The Congressman told the listening audience that he didn’t know if the case would be heard before the election. However, he said that they are expecting the Inspector General’s report to come out “any day now.”

When asked if he was surprised that there has been little attention brought to the civil suit, the Congressman said no, but asked “Where are the voices for the victims? Gosar said “over 300 Mexicans have lost their lives” and asked “Where is the Latino Caucus?” He concluded by saying that the media is “two-faced” in its coverage of the issue.

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