Consumers can still get Skechers refunds

The Attorney General’s Office has issued a reminder to consumers that some Arizonans who bought certain “Skechers” products since August 1, 2008, may be eligible for partial refunds resulting from a $40 million global settlement reached between the companies and the Federal Trade Commission.

According to the Attorney General’s Office there is still a significant percentage of the settlement dollars unclaimed.

Under the terms of the settlement reached between Skechers USA, Inc, 44 states and the District of Columbia on May 16, 2012, up to $40 million was allocated for refunds to be paid to consumers who purchased Shape-Ups, Tone-Ups, and the Skechers Resistance Runner athletic shoes made by Skechers. The company faced complaints that it had made inappropriate marketing claims about the potential health benefits of the products.

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, charged Skechers with making unfounded claims that its Shape-ups and other “toning shoes” would help people lose weight and tone their buttocks, legs, and abdominal muscles.

To settle the case, Skechers USA has agreed to pay $40 million to provide refunds to people who bought Skechers toning shoes.

In order to file a claim, consumers should visit or call the FTC’s Skechers Hotline at 866-325-4186.

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