Passport To new tool for addiction intervention

Passport To unique new tool

On August 1st 2012, a unique new tool for addicts and their loved ones, Passport To (PTR) was launched, encompassing some of the most advanced search tools available for finding some of the most trusted names in addiction recovery and behavioral health treatment.

The impetus for the development of Passport To® is the fact that current search for quality treatment via directories, pay-per-click ads or even organic positioning is often a minefield of confusion and perplexity. Typically, results are geared to geography factors alone and searches can deliver up hundreds, if not thousands of choices.

For people who are desperate and in immediate need of quality, treatment-specific programs for addiction and behavioral health issues, site creators believed a better way to find treatment was technically possible and needed to be pursued.

Passport To now changes the playing field. It is a new model in recovery search. By simply marking checkboxes pertaining to “gender,” “seeking treatment for” and “special considerations,” the user quickly accesses quality treatment centers based on “Exact Match” and “Partial Match” criteria. Once these treatment centers are identified, the user can then see details about each center, images, program descriptions, accreditations, payment options, and a great deal of descriptive information.

PTR offers internet users addiction assessment quizzes, blog posts, and access to recovery support professionals, i.e. interventionists, therapists, attorneys, authors and others who often play critical roles in the recovery process.

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