Embassy attacks on 9-11

By Mike Ebert

In my opinion; Embassy Attacks on 9-11

Our world proves to be upside down day by day. It is as if we are witnessing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” in real life. We have a president, who is Muslim by his own word, working with a set of radicals not chosen for legitimate offices and ignoring our Congress who seems to have lost their guts for anything.

I would bother sending something to our senators but neither seems capable of handling security issues and only are available for interviews after the fact. Our intelligence organizations must have had some idea of what could happen on this day 9-11. That day was one of the most beautifully orchestrated attacks on America that could ever be concocted. In the name of Jihad Muslims have a day they will always celebrate. Warriors always know that anniversary dates are not wise for repeat performances; terrorism requires and element of surprise usually. But America proves to be invitingly weak. Why would our own intelligence not be aware? I do not believe our country is this dysfunctional. I believe this part of an ideology.

This week’s events are the equivalent of a pep rally for Jihadists and it worked. Lax security at American Embassies on 9-11 in Muslim countries was on purpose. Marine security carrying arms with no ammunition; what’s with that? Obama Hussein’s words of comfort that justice will be demanded of those events are an insult. We are being set up folks. We will never forget? I can assure you that 9-11 is on the Muslim calendar forever. I also can assure you that Obama is on a mission, he is not a moron.
Please see that Barack Hussein Obama is history on November 6th.


If you want to be a voice to stop further monetary support of Egypt and Libya sign on to Grassfire Nation http://www.grassfire.com/277/petition.asp?PID=37144689&NID=1 . Who knows what works but sign on to help turn this ship around.

M L Ebert Sept 14, 2012

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