Arizona teen births down, abortions up

The Arizona Department of Health Services collected abortion information as required by A.R.S §36-2163. The second annual report includes data compiled from reports of elective abortion, a list of reported complications, and data about the petitions filed authorizing abortions to unemancipated minors.

The 2011 report found that teen births are down and abortions are up.

In the 2011 calendar year, there were a total of 14,401 reported abortions compared to 11,438 abortions in 2010. This represents a 26 percent increase in the count of reported abortions.

The ADHS says that the increase “in the number of abortions is perhaps attributable to more complete reporting of abortion data as well as enhanced surveillance. Ninety-four percent of the abortions were to resident women. The majority of the resident women who received abortions were unmarried.

2011 was the first complete year of data reporting the number of petitions filed with Arizona courts for authorization to obtain an abortion by an unemancipated minor without parental consent. A total of fifty six petitions were received and an order authorizing the abortion was issued without parental consent for 32 young women and one petition was denied.

Approximately 57 percent of the resident women who received abortion were in the age-group 20 to 29 years. Of the total abortions, about 63 percent of the abortions were surgical and approximately 37 percent were non-surgical procedures used for terminating pregnancies.

According to the report, “Incidents of complications from an abortion are not consistently reported at the state or national level. Comparisons are therefore based on only two years of data collected on resident women. There were a total of 60 complications reported in 2011, and the most frequently reported complication was excessive hemorrhage.”

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