Does President Obama prey on low income voters?

By Paul Roper

Maybe President Obama just doesn’t get it. A short article was published last week on Metro ( and authored by Carly Baldwin, who noted that the President was at a $40,000 per plate fundraiser and tweeted a photo of himself with Beyonce and Jay-Z and also added a comment, “We understand that … those of who have been blessed with success and been able to walk through those doors of opportunity, we don’t slam the door behind us. We prop it open.” These are the comments of someone that has presided over a stagnant, poverty level, job producing economy that we find only today grew at a 1.3% annual rate, abysmal at best. I would venture to say that the President did not “prop any doors open”, he has slammed it shut in most American’s faces.

Obama with Beyonce and Jay-Z at $40K-per-plate dinner

The Webster’s Dictionary definition of “prey” is a person or thing that falls victim to something; a tough word to describe the behavior of any of America’s leaders; however, one that I can use to describe the behavior of the President. He tweets photos of himself having a great time with a room full of celebrities that are paying $40,000 per plate for some dry chicken breasts while claiming to be fighting for the “99%”. I hardly think so. Do you think for a second that prior to hitting post on his Twitter account, he was thinking of the single Moms that send their children to bed hungry? No, he did not! He was so impressed with himself socializing with Beyonce and Jay-Z that he just had to let us all get in on the moment. But I do know one thing for sure, the President will certainly ask that single mother for her vote, and if she saw the photos and his comment, she should be incensed.

Governor Romney has been vilified for making comments at a private fundraiser about the 47%, but the reality is the current President has, as usual, spoken out of both sides of his mouth; while regularly groveling at the feet of George Clooney and any other folks left with a net worth that would allow them to attend a $40,000 per plate fundraiser. Maybe it is just me that thinks that it is far more arrogant to send out a Tweet to the world proclaiming your magnificence, as 25 million people go unemployed or underemployed, and the majority of jobs that you create are poverty level service jobs. Is the President trying to create a class of voters that his “vision” will appeal to keeping people at a disadvantage, scared and desperate? Does he want his message of class warfare against the “1%” to resonate with voters that may not be as sophisticated, rendering them easy prey for his rhetoric? I would say yes; as a friend of mine said “We have become a nation of “frogs boiling in a pot”, having a sedate conversation as we all boil to death.

This President has failed at so many things it is hard to keep track of just how bad he has really done. Take for instance an article I found on ZeroHedge ( Comments submitted by Tyler Durden from David Rosenberg, Chief Economist at Gluskin Sheff from May of this year titled, “Two Charts Exposing America’s Record Shadow Welfare State” in the article Mr. Rosenberg points out that in April 2012:

“After the Non-Farm Payroll numbers came out for April only 115,000 jobs had been created in April, Mr. Rosenberg notes, “The jobs market was about half of another far more important number – that of Americans applying for disability, which in April was +225,000.”

Mr. Rosenberg further states:

“In total, more than five million people have been added to disability coverage since President Obama took over three years ago.” This is not the hope and change I was expecting. He further goes on to state that:
“Either safety standards have eroded dramatically or the “99%” have found a creative way to milk the system and turn the economy into a quasi welfare state.” You can’t make this stuff up.

I believe in America. I believe in the American people, their ability to overcome adverse circumstances is legendary in the world. But more so, I believe in America’s promise to leave a better country to our children and grandchildren. We will not be able to do that collecting unemployment, disability and food stamps. We need to have a leader that understands success for each and every single American, and not deride those that, because of America’s promise, and hard work have been able to achieve great things. I would like to believe that Mr. Obama’s ineptitude is just that. Let’s face it, he had no experience, but it is beginning to appear a bit more self-serving. In November, we will be faced with a simple choice, either to wait for a government hand-out or walk through that door of opportunity ourselves.

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