Arizona republicans continue to out fundraise democrats

Republicans continue to out raise and register  democrats

The Arizona democratic leadership IEs (Independent Expenditure Committees) are raising only a fraction of funds that their republican counterparts are accumulating. According to the Yellow Sheet, Speaker of the House Andy Tobin’ s Republican House Victory committee ended the reporting period with $262,000 cash-on-hand, while the democrats had only $180,000.

Two entities gave the democrat’s Building Arizona’s Future almost 95% of the total take; the public employee union AFSCME gave $100,000, and another $70,000 came from the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community, according to the Yellow Sheet.

While Tobin was stashing cash for republicans in the General Election, republican State Senate President Pierce and the democrat IEs spent tens-of-thousands of dollars in the primaries. As a result, the democrat IEs have only $151,000 cash-on-hand going into the General Election. Pierce is still flush with $245,000 in the bank.

During the republican Primary, State Senate President Pierce lost credibility and trust according to many in the Republican Party when he opted to use monies from the Republican Victory Fund to interfere in Republican Primary races, most notably the race between Rich Crandall and Fillmore.

Pierce, in his obvious bid to maintain his power, nearly put at risk the fundraising capability of other republicans as well. Speaker Tobin, in a rejection of Pierce’s tactics had returned monies from Pierce which Pierce had donated to the House’s IE.

Representative Fillmore, a well-liked and widely trusted grass roots Republican, was narrowly defeated by the Pierce funded Crandall. Tobin’s IE showed up as a major donor in the effort to defeat Fillmore due to the returned monies. Any large “donor” must be listed on the product of IE’s under election laws.

Pierce lost credibility and trust with many in the Republican Party, and Tobin was unfairly blamed for doing exactly what he refused to do.

Monies are pouring into republican IEs rather than the Arizona GOP’s coffers because the state party is in disarray under the leadership of Tom Morrissey.

Despite Pierce and Morrissey, republicans continue to out raise the democrats, as their voting rolls increase as well.

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  1. “Republicans continue to out raise democrats, as their voting rolls increase as well.”

    Some of the best news I’ve read this morning…now, on to win the vote!

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