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Brewer balks, AZ not required to create health exchange

November 24, 2012
By ADI News Services

Arizona’s Governor Brewer “still has important unanswered questions about the health exchange, “ despite the release of hundreds of pages of proposed rules on required benefits and other aspects of implementing the federal health law and widespread opposition to the creation of an exchange.

The Governor’s health policy adviser Don Hughes told the Associated Press that “a lot of governors are asking the same questions and asking for the same information,” Hughes said. However, already governors have “rejected a major provision of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law that calls on states to set up online health insurance markets where consumers can purchase private coverage at federally subsidized rates,” according to Insurance Journal.
The Arizona Legislature is certain to work to block any exchange the Governor might forward. Newly elected Representative Adam Kwasman, of Tucson, told James T. Harris’s radio audience on 104.1 The Truth, that under no circumstances would he stand for allowing to Governor to move forward. Senate President Andy Biggs, who is among opponents of the health law and its exchange requirement, cited concerns about costs that would be imposed on the state. Like the federal-state Medicaid program, “the feds really control it,” Biggs told AP reporter Paul Davenport .