Goldwater’s Dranias joins Compact for America

Goldwater Institute attorney Nick Dranias has become the director of Compact for America, a Texas-based nonprofit group whose goal is to convene a constitutional convention for a balanced budget amendment.

Compact for America hopes to create an interstate compact that would facilitate the unprecedented step of enacting the proposed amendment by having two-thirds of the states apply to Congress for a convention. The group hopes the use of an interstate compact will reduce the amount of time needed to pass a balanced budget amendment from 10 years to 12 months.

Dranias told the Yellow Sheet that the compact “takes an agreement among the states… and frontloads into that compact all of the steps required for states to originate a constitutional amendment. So, you can cut by more than half the number of legislative enactments needed for the states to originate a balanced budget amendment.”

The Goldwater Institute began working on this issue about two and a half years ago, and CFA’s founders stumbled across the Goldwater Institute’s work about nine months ago, prompting the group’s formation in June, according to the Yellow Sheet.

The group calls for the process to begin this month with a meeting of six to 12 governors of both parties who would “take a leading role” in the compact as its “founding member states.” The plan requires Congress to pass an omnibus resolution by April, and for at least 38 states to deliver their applications for a convention to Congress by June.

The Compact for America Initiative is a non-partisan effort. The Initiative includes educating elected officials, citizens and residents of the United States and the several states of the novel use of an interstate compact agreement.

Compact for America Board of Directors

Harold R. (“Chip”) Demoss, Managing Director – Tanglewood Capital Partners, LLC
Kyle Mcalister, CEO – Questor Pipeline Company
Nick Dranias, Director of Policy Development and Constitutional Government – Goldwater Institute

Compact for America Advisory Council

Harold R. Demoss, Jr., Senior Federal Judge – US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
Kevin R. C. Gutzman, JD, PhD, Professor of History – Western Connecticut State University
Ron Hicks, President – HerdX, Inc.
Lawrence Lessig, Director – Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics – Harvard University
Mark Mckinnon, President & CEO – Maverick Media
John Mclaughlin, CEO & Partner – McLaughlin & Associates
Robert C. Reinarz, President & CEO – R.C. Reinarz & Company
Byron Schlomach, Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity – Goldwater Institute


  1. So the same people who elected the bozos in Washington are going to elect the same, or new, bozos to represent us in a constitutional convention? And this is better how?

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