Dems set narrative against bi-partisan immigration reform

In an effort to set the stage for a “clearer” pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, Arizona democrats are now claiming that the border will never be secure enough. Those democrats are travelling to Las Vegas today to attend President Obama’s announcement of proposed changes to immigration laws.

Representative Anna Tovar told the Yellow Sheet that said she hopes the president’s plan ‘will provide a clearer path to citizenship than what was proposed by the bipartisan group of senators today.’

“I’m very optimistic on the president’s plan and hopeful that his plan along with the senate’s plan can come together and work on a bipartisan deal to move comprehensive immigration reform. We’ve been waiting many, many years and there are many families, individuals affected by this on a daily basis,” she told the Yellow Sheet reporter. “The Senate’s plan hinges on a committee of governors who would first make sure that the border is secured, and that in itself, I’m hesitant, because, for some, I don’t think the border will ever be secure enough to proceed with that next step of allowing people a pathway to citizenship.”

Senator Steve Gallardo, known for his racist rhetoric, said that he applauded Arizona senators Flake and McCain ‘for having the political courage to finally have this discussion, but proceeded to misrepresent the senator’s bi-partisan plan claiming that its ‘guiding principles don’t include a legal path to citizenship.’

The Yellow Sheet noted that the “plan unveiled by the two senators, who are part of a bipartisan group that is working on a comprehensive reform bill, does include a path to citizenship, but Gallardo insisted it would only apply to Dreamers and agricultural workers.”

Gallardo, who is masterful, according to most Capitol observers, at maintaining the fear and division needed to keep democrats in office said that Arizona, its Legislature, and its Governor ‘haven’t received the memo’ and are ‘still anti-Latino.’

Contrary to Gallardo’s claim, some of the strongest opposition comes from labor unions who do not want more competition for jobs.

“The one part that I agree with in this plan is this ‘roadmap to address the status of the unauthorized immigrants in the United States’ is ‘contingent upon [the] success in securing our borders.’ If the border is not secured to the point that there is little to no illegal entry into our country through any and all borders, the problem of illegal immigration will not end any time soon,” said Pat Sexton, president of the Tucson chapter of the Arizona Latino Republican Association. “After that, I completely disagree with the ‘path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants already here.’ This is a slap in the face to everyone who respected our laws and waited their turn to do it the right way. I would ask every official and person who advocates for this “general pardon for offenses, especially political offenses, against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction” (amnesty) how they feel when they’ve been standing in line for a long time for a prized ticket to their favorite entertainer, and a gang of people simply walk to the front of the line and muscle their way in. We are the ONLY country in the world where government officials and leaders are advocating allowing millions of law breakers the privilege of remaining here with impunity and then granting them legal status. How long will we remain a nation with policies like that?”

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