Cardenas fights for veterans, wins

After Representative Mark Cardenas, D-Phoenix (District 19), dedicated HB 2484 to a soldier he served with in Iraq, the Arizona House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill he sponsored to support Arizona’s veterans.

During the vote, Cardenas explained that he lost a friend and fellow soldier to suicide after he returned from the Iraq war. Cardenas said his friend struggled to find work, with depression and with other issues and eventually took his own life.

“We need to find ways to ease the struggles our veterans face when they return home,” Cardenas said.

HB 2484 would establish a tax credit for individuals and corporations who hire unemployed veterans. It would also give advance notice to veterans for state employment announcements.

“HB 2484 is one way of helping our service men and women. We know that veterans have skills that can be put to good use in our growing job market. This bill would give incentives to employers to offer those jobs to veterans,” Cardenas said. “This is a huge step forward for Arizona’s veterans.”

Cardenas joined other vets in creating a veterans caucus focused on improving education, job opportunities and mental health services for former military. “We all served in recent conflicts and we know the issues that affect us,” Cardenas told Cronkite News earlier tis year.

The House passed the bill, 47-11. It now goes to the Senate for consideration. To view the bill, go to click here.

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