House to hold hearing on Medicaid expansion

Next Wednesday afternoon, the House Appropriations Committee will hold an informational hearing on Medicaid expansion language proposed in Governor Brewer’s budget. The hearing will be led by Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh (R-Dist. 23).

Citing the economic impact Medicaid expansion could have on Arizona, Speaker Tobin stated, “This is the largest single component of the Governor’s budget. As such, our members need to be informed of the fiscal impact the plan will have which is why it will be vetted in the Appropriations Committee.”

Brewer is using tired tactics in a desperate attempt to rally conservatives; she is now claiming the expansion is pro-life.

Despite her efforts, nearly all Republican Legislative Districts have issued resolutions rejecting the Governor’s expansion plans.

The hearing will held March 20, at 2:00 p.m., in the Arizona State House of Representatives, Hearing Room 1.
Members of the Appropriations Committeeincude:

• State Representative John Kavanagh (R-Dist. 23)
• State Representative Justin Olson (R-Dist. 25)
• State Representative Paul Boyer (R-Dist. 20)
• State Representative Tom Forese (R-Dist. 17)
• State Representative Rick Gray (R-Dist. 21)
• State Representative Adam Kwasman (R-Dist. 11)
• State Representative Michelle Ugenti (R-Dist. 23)
• State Representative Lela Alston (D-Dist. 24)
• State Representative Chad Campbell (D-Dist. 24)
• State Representative Stephanie Mach (D-Dist. 10)
• State Representative Andrew Sherwood (D-Dist. 26)

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