UA vs. Belmont preview

Today at 4:20 p.m. in Salt Lake City the University of Arizona Wildcats face off against Belmont in the round of 64 team March Madness. The Cats are coming off of a disappointing lost to UCLA in the pac-12 conference semifinals round 66-64. The Cats enter the tournament ranked as a 6th seed and playing in the Western region near the University of Arizona.

“We got a good seeding as far as location,” Solomon said, “when you look at both parts in hand as far as seed matter at this point now who you play everyone in the field is really good teams.” Even though many find a 6th seed to be low for the Cats the team is satisfied with its proximity to the University of Arizona.

For the Wildcats to be successful today they must play some of their best three point defense of the season, Belmont has shot 38.6% from 3 point file goal range which ranks 18th in the nation. Belmont is also one of the toughest hard nose playing teams in the country; Belmont’s defense won’t get worn out so the Cats must be more effective and patient on offense.

Some opportunities for the Cats to thrive are Belmont’s tallest player is 6’7. If the Cats are patient and can pass the ball inside to Tarczewski and Ashley the Cats should have a sizeable advantage in the paint.

When Miller was asked what makes his teams successful in March madness he noted that improvement within what the team has done all season. “Well the teams that I have been a part of that have gone beyond this first weekend,” Sean Miller said, “there is three of them, the one thing that really stands out is that we were ourselves. That the things that we did well during the season that we learned to make part of our overall identity those things didn’t change during the tournament.”

Miller said, “This tournament is so hard to get to and then it’s even harder to advance in. That to me part of the success of a team is to be able to on the one hand focus and play terrific basketball, but on the other hand just really enjoy being a part of this great tournament.” Hopefully the Cats can embody this type of success tonight in Salt Lake City.

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