Appropriations passes Escamilla’s bill to support state parks

The Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously passed a bill last week sponsored by Rep. Juan Carlos Escamilla, D-San Luis (District 4), that would provide additional funding for Arizona state parks through donations.

“State parks are integral to economic development and provide over 3,300 jobs, many of which are in Arizona’s rural communities,” he said. “This legislation allows for parks to receive donations on a mass scale, allowing them to get the resources they need to stay open, expand and provide continued access for Arizonans and out-of-state visitors to our beautiful state parks.”

HB 2621 would create an option for people to donate to state parks when registering vehicles in Arizona by establishing the Sustainable State Parks and Roads Fund. State parks would receive 85 percent of all the money contributed to this fund. The rest of the money would go to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Escamilla added that state parks are job creators.

“Tourism is a crucial part of Arizona’s economy,” Escamilla said. “Past budget sweeps of state park funding have created challenges, but with HB 2621 state parks will be able to reach out to Arizonans for donations.”

The bill must now go to the Senate Rules Committee for a hearing.

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