UA lands 5 star recruit Aaron Gordon

Yesterday Aaron Gordon a 5 star recruit from San Jose, California announced his decision to attend and play basketball at the University of Arizona. Aaron Gordon’s announcement immediately moved the Wildcat’s incoming recruiting class to a top 5 consensus class and paved the way for another year with high expectations.

Aaron Gordon is a 6’8 power forward with extreme athleticism, he is most commonly compared to Blake Griffin for comparison. Along with Aaron Gordon is 5 star recruit Rondae Jefferson who will be playing in the McDonald’s all American game this evening. With these two incoming recruits and red shirt players TJ McConnell and Matt Korcheck anticipation for the Arizona basketball team of 2013-2014 should be high.

On Monday first broke the story of Ed Rush who is the officiating coordinator of the PAC 12 saying to his colleagues that if they threw out or gave Sean Miller a technical he would reward them with $5,000 or a trip to Cancun. These comments by Ed Rush came the day before and the day of the semifinal game between UCLA and UA in the PAC 12 tournament. The game was lost by UA 66-64 after Sean Miller had been given a technical foul after saying, “He touched the ball.”

The entire situation reeks of filth. Kidding or not Ed Rush’s decision to make such insinuating comments about Sean Miller and especially following the results of Miller being charged with a technical soon after is proof enough that Ed Rush should be fired. Larry Scott the PAC 12 commissioner has come to the aid of Ed Rush saying on ESPN radio, “”It was completely inappropriate to joke about a topic like this. If there’s any chance to be misunderstood, you just don’t go there. You don’t leave that open for interpretation. There’s so much scrutiny around this. … It’s very, very poor judgment.” While pundits on ESPN, CBS, and other sports networks have called for Ed Rush to be dismissed it is yet to be seen if any actions will be taken to save the integrity of the PAC 12.

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