1. I’m not going to throw any unfounded accuasations. But, I will say this…

    If I had kids, and Mark Kelly were driving the ice cream truck, and the kids decided they wanted ice cream, I would tell those kids to stay away from the ice cream truck and that I’ll just drive them to Dairy Queen.

  2. If the hierarchy of the Republican would get out of the way during the primaries maybe we would have a chance. As long as they are picking our candidates we are toast.

  3. And you know what? This will be the absolute truth. This scumbag will replace mclame and we will still have the same type of representation. NONE at all. Mclame is the biggest loser in a long time, flake well what can ya say, he has mclame as an ‘senior advisor’ and well it is beginning to show.

    Would like to see some real leadership and qualified types run for office, not these bought and sold types who cant make it as anything else.

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