Brewer ends photo op, begins increased pressure for Medicaid expansion

Governor Jan Brewer attempted to recover her conservative credentials during photo ops while visiting New York City to speak to the Women’s National Republican Club. However, according to various sources, the Governor is returning to work this week and will ramp up her campaign to push her Obamacare Medicaid Expansion plan.

While in New York she posed with a large sugary drink, otherwise known as a Big Gulp, for a photo op intended to thrill conservatives. As with most political stunts, the Governor’s move has enraged conservatives who are now saying that it would take 20 Big Gulps to swallow her story.

Republicans and Independents are especially outraged at the news that the Governor is considering the tactic Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid used when forcing Obamacare through the U.S. Congress; the Nuclear Option.

The nuclear option, in the case of the Arizona Legislature, would be to override the Speaker’s or President’s power and force a bill, with the Medicaid expansion portion attached, to the Committee of the Whole and have a full floor vote. That bill would then be brought to the House for the bill’s sponsor to concur with the Senate’s amendment. This move would eliminate a committee hearing. One Capitol insider said “ it essentially rams a bill though to the floor. It would never really have any public scrutiny, as it is done in one day.”

There is speculation that Representative Ethan Orr’s mental health bill will likely be “pulled from the drawer and offered as a striker with an amendment attached,” according to Capitol sources.

Orr would not comment on the move and claimed to not know what the nuclear option was.

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