Gosar: Gosnell a serial killer

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar addressed the criminal case against Pennsylvania abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell on the floor of the House of Representatives last week. The dentist-congressman said Gosnell should “scrutinized in the same manner as other serial killers.”

The case of the doctor’s brutal murder of one woman, and four new born babies, who survived botched abortions has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. In his speech, Gosar complained that the “mainstream media will continue turn a blind eye to the murder” of children.

Both sides wrapped up their cases on Monday in a trial that has lasted five weeks. Jurors were told that Gosnell had performed late-term abortions by injecting a drug to stop the heart of the fetus, but when they didn’t die their spinal cord was cut with surgical scissors.

According to the New York Times, “the case became a cause célèbre when anti-abortion activists complained that the mainstream news media were ignoring it for ideological reasons. It has since been widely covered, and every seat in the courtroom was taken on Monday.”

The Times did report the story on the last day of testimony, “The jury will now make that determination in the cases, including that of Baby Boy A, whom clinic workers testified Dr. Gosnell joked was big enough “to walk me home.”

Baby D, a clinic worker testified, was delivered into a toilet by a woman waiting for Dr. Gosnell and it appeared to make swimming motions before one of the doctor’s assistants pulled it out and cut its neck.

Two workers said they heard Baby E crying before Dr. Gosnell cut its spine with scissors. The prosecutor quoted a worker: “It made noises, a whine like my baby.”

Gosar said he spoke on the floor to express his disgust and dismay as a “father, a Catholic, and a healthcare provider” at the “barbaric” murders by Gosnell.

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